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We at Property Hub Magazine have realized that there is a real issue with the current manner in which the property industry has come to see as the norms, and our aim is to simplify the entire process in one central hub.  We understand that the costs to advertise is extremely expensive and there are only two platforms to really advertise properties, conveyancing attorneys, electricians and industries relating to the world of property, being online and print. As we are all aware, print media is definitely on its way out, however, people tend to favor the familiar, and thus we have introduced a digital magazine, which hosts everything you could possibly need, in one central hub.  Our magazine will feature properties in a manner in which has not been seen before, we are not constrained by the limitations of print media where space is at a premium, we are able to create beautiful, stunning and interactive adverts in which we can embed videos into the very pages of the magazine and watch it come to life on any platform from computers too your mobile devices seamlessly.  We will also be able to advertise and promote everything property related in one easy to access hub, to cater to every property owner, buyer and sellers needs.

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